The Dodge Grand Caravan Is Just Loaded with Family-Friendly Interior Options

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a wonderful family-friendly van that is powerful beyond expectations with plenty of room for everyone. It is loaded with plenty of desirable interior features, but a couple of these stand out from the rest.

As a very flexible minivan, the Dodge Grand Caravan has plenty of storage and seating options. Its Super Stow 'n Go® storage and seating system gives drivers the possibility of over 140 cubic feet of storage space. No more worrying about where you're going to fit all of your kids' toys or all of your gear for the next family outing. It seats up to 7 people, and the driver as well as the passengers up-front get to enjoy power seats that can be adjusted up or down, forward and back. They can also recline or be tilted back to offer some relaxation during longer drives.

If you are interested in the Dodge Grand Caravan, you might want to come in and check one out for yourself. We'll be waiting!

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